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how to purchase modern cloth diaper aims to provide many difference styles and patterns of cloth diaper at the best discounted prices on the period of time.


After you have registered and logged in as a member in (to register or log in, please click on the ‘Member login column’ on the top of the website), please follow the steps below which will guide you through from ordering all the way to checkout.  
Stocks (Our Products) Menu:
1. View the products at our online store and select the item you would like to purchase by clicking on the ‘Add to  Cart’ button.
2.    On your Shopping Cart page:
  • Click on the ‘Continue Shopping’ button if you still wish to purchase another product.
  • Click on the ‘ ’ button after you already amend the quantity of the product that you have selected.
  • Click on the ‘ ’ button if you would like to remove the product that you have selected.
  • Enter the coupon code if you have one.
  • Click on the ‘Checkout’ button if you have completed your shopping.
  • Delivery charges will automatically be calculated.

3.    On the Confirmation page:
  • Your information will automatically be retrieved. Please verify your billing and shipping information. You can modify the information if necessary.
  • Please select your payment method. You will have 2 options for the selection of your payment method:
          (i)           PayPal – For payment using credit card (Master/Visa).
          (ii)          Bank-in/TT/Online Banking Transfer - For online banking transfer and payment directly to our bank account.
4.    On the Summary Page, you will see the details of your purchase.
  • If you have selected your payment method using Paypal, you will be directed to a secured website where you will be required to enter your necessary details for payment.
  • If you have selected your payment method using bank-in/TT/Online Banking Transfer, you will see our bank account details for payment to be made and instruction on how to notify us.
5.    On the Payment & Complete Page:
An email will also be sent to your email account with the order details. Please keep a copy for your reference. 
We will re-confirm your order within 24 hours either via email or phone. Once confirmation is made and full payment has been received, we will proceed to process your order as soon as possible. 

Happy Shopping


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